FARYNOR™ provides the ability to assess compliance with fire safety requirements in a accurate and timely manner, promoting the delivery of a clear plan of action which concentrates activity on the highest risk first.

Once the plan is established, staff can be allocated to perform work and record outcomes according to agreed schedules.

Key Benefits

  • Compliance – with legislation and statutory reporting requirements
  • Flexibility – to changes in legislation and operating procedures
  • Efficiency – promoting best practice saving time and money
  • Comprehensive – manages all fire safety activities
  • Timely – key risk data to those who need it when they need it
  • Mobile – increasing productivity and data accuracy.

Mobile Working

Mobile working helps inspection officers and firefighters:

  • Inspection Officers – download work plan to mobile device, complete audit forms at the premise and submit back
  • Firefighters – access key risk data via in-cab mobile data terminals .

Managing Risk

  • Utilising a trusted supplier of data, such as a Gazetteer, to generate a property database
  • Providing a flexible workflow engine that allows inspection types to be easily defined and executed
  • Enabling offline, mobile working increasing inspection productivity and data accuracy
  • Calculating the risk score and the next re-inspection date saving administrative effort and reducing the risk of missed inspections
  • Permitting all inspection documentation to be lodged in the system
  • Generating key national data returns and other performance indicators.

Certification and Compliance

The system is fully compliant with Government requirements for e-Fire, FSEC and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Further information

For more information on the system and the benefits it can provide to UK fire services read our brochure and capability statement.

FARYNOR™ brochure – view

FARYNOR™ capability Statement – view


FARYNOR™ provides complete support for the management and execution of all fire safety tasks, backed up by the use of innovative technology and a powerful workflow engine.



To find out how Atkins can bring together our wealth of ability to address your fire systems requirements or a demo of the FARYNOR™ system, then please contact us for further discussion.